Amundi’s 2021 Engagement Report

Amundi’s 2021 Engagement Report

アムンディは、2021年版 Engagement Report を発行しました。


Amundi released its 2021 Engagement Report, outlining examples of its continuous dialogue and voting exercise with companies on sustainability issues. Engagement with issuers is key to fostering concrete changes and contributing effectively to a just transition. 

In 2021, Amundi engaged with 1364 issuers on six priorities:

  • The transition towards a low-carbon economy (547 companies)
  • Natural capital preservation (165 companies)
  • Social cohesion (222 companies)
  • Client, product & societal responsibilities (80 companies)
  • Strong governance practices that strengthen sustainable development (287 companies)
  • Dialogue to foster a stronger voting exercise and a sounder corporate governance (1033 companies).     


 We have continued our engagements on coal, encouraging companies to set up coal phase-out plans and invited coal developers to withdraw from planned coal projects. Climate engagements have also concerned companies in sectors highly exposed to the energy transition such as the insurance and banking sectors on their fossil fuel policies or our collaborative engagement within the Climate Action 100+ initiative. In parallel, we expressed our views on climate-related shareholder resolutions and supported 86% of such resolutions at companies’ annual general meetings. Finally, we launched a major engagement campaign on natural capital preservation and biodiversity. This engagement stream is a first step towards our biodiversity commitments outlined in the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge.

The transition towards a low carbon sustainable economy should be inclusive and our engagements on thematics such as social cohesion and societal responsibility are a tangible expression of that belief. In 2021, we have pursued our efforts on employee welfare, living wage and gender equality. We also initiated an engagement on responsible tax to reinforce our focus on companies’ tax practices as we believe that they are a key dimension of companies’ societal responsibilities. 

Caroline Le Meaux, Head of ESG Research, Engagement and Voting says: “With my team, we are very proud to release this report, which shows constant improvement on engagement and voting practices at Amundi. For the next year, we strive to improve even more in collaboration with the investment platforms. One of the objectives of our 2025 Ambition plan is to engage with an additional 1000 companies: let’s see how far we go in 2022 already!” 
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